Jenna Sue

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your child’s healthcare in good hands?

You’re a parent and you feel like you’re doing it all because you are doing it all. Not only have you read every baby book out there, but you also get (unsolicited!) advice from well-meaning friends and family. You’re conscientious, concerned with our environment and how it will affect your children’s health. After all, you want to raise healthy, happy children with integrity. Right now, you have questions about the health choices that are out there and in turn question the choices that you’re making.

Jenna Sue

We may be a perfect fit if…

  • You would like to treat your children’s health issues without using prescription medications whenever possible.
  • You would welcome researched, thoughtful answers to your vaccine questions.
  • You have a child with an autism spectrum disorder, or with ADHD, and are looking for alternative and biomedical approaches.
  • You would like a Naturopathic Doctor with additional training and experience in pediatrics to work with you to achieve your child’s optimal health.

Jenna Sue

A little about me?

I am Erin Psota, a Naturopathic Doctor with a focus on pediatrics. For me, being a doctor with the luxury of spending time getting to know my patients meant becoming an ND. I believe visits to the doctor shouldn’t be anxiety provoking for children, and parents can and should walk out of my office feeling armed with information and confident in their decisions.

Jenna Sue

I offer…

  • Routine child exams from infancy to teens
  • Natural alternatives to prescription medication for acute and chronic conditions
  • Answers to health and parenting questions from the silly to the serious
  • Knowledge and experience in biomedical treatments for autism and ADHD
  • The experience and wisdom to refer to other health care providers when necessary

Jenna Sue

I most look forward to visits with patients and families who…

  • Can laugh during appointments
  • Make me say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out”
  • Love to cook, and dance (maybe even at the same time)
  • Shout from the rooftop when they discover something good
  • Reserve fast-food for special occasions and “emergency use only”

Call to book an appointment, read more about naturopathic medicine or get in touch with more questions, no matter how silly or how serious.

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